Happy 10th Birthday!
  • Manjusha Rajesh
    Mother Message
    Let me be the first to officiate your very first, very own website, hoping that one day, you will be able to read this, and know how much I love you, should I no longer happen to be in this world anymore.
  • Rajesh Odayanchal
    Father Message
    A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Enjoy the trip of growing up.
  • Rajimol K
    Aunty Message
    You have one candle on your cake. Be a good & charming girl ok. How time flies, from da cute and tiny infant now you are toddler.
  • Jyothi S Lal
    Aunty Message
    Let the little princess reach success and meet happiness in each step of her life. I wish you a great year and a great life ahead!
  • Aathira
    Chitta Message
    Happy birthday Aameese, my sweet darling. You amaze me, sweetie... even when I thought I could no longer be amazed by anything.

First Birthday

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Hello !!
My name is Aatmika Rajesh . But you can call me Aami, although, my amma and achan do call me ammikutty. I am the pampered first child of my little family and very much loving it! For those of you who would like to know my progress, you can follow my progress and milestone at my achan’s official blog www.chayilyam.com.

Literally, Aathmika means the Aathma or soul.Figuratively, Aatmika means lucky.
Whatever the meaning is, one thing is for me sure – I am Aatmika, and amma & achan’s little precious!

My Favourites

Atmika Rajesh
15th August, 2013 ( 10 Yrs )
Bangalore, Karnataka